Social Development Programme

DON'T LET PEOPLE DIS YOUR ABILITY! Be self-determined and improve your quality of life by creating equity and sustainability through our Social Development Programme. Contact us today for an assessment, become a volunteer on community projects, or put real meaning behind your money and donate funds towards social justice and human dignity.

About the Social Development Programme

The Social Development Programme involves the rendering of social services that are equitable, sustainable, accessible, people-centred and developmental, with and for people with epilepsy and other disabilities, in order to promote social justice and dignity. Through an integrated approach, the organisation’s intervention plan promotes self-determination and an improved quality of life.

Objectives of the Social Development Programme

  • To render therapeutic supportive services, through the provision of information, advice and guidance on the management of epilepsy in order for them to have a better quality of life with the aim of promoting inclusion.
  • To educate individuals, groups and communities about epilepsy, human rights, and disability in order to promote inclusion for people with disabilities.
  • To create strong networks and collaborations with existing organisations in the disability sector in order to support and assist each other to develop and carry out advocacy activities, at the local, provincial and national level for improved policies and government practices affecting the lives of people with disabilities.

Activities involved in the Social Development Programme

  • Pyscho-therapeutic Services
  • Individual, Family and Online Counselling
  • Support Groups
  • Advocacy
  • Public Education